Building A Unique Investment Plan

investment plan

To get ahead with anything you intend to start, you must have a kind of plan and of course, this works just the same with investments. An investment plan is a doorstep before you think of making any entry into the investment world. For instance, when an entrepreneur starts a business, he develops a business […]

Advantages Of Investing In An Equity Fund

advantages of investing in equity fund

Two friends who are medical students, want to invest in stocks. One friend, Ade, having read a few finance articles believes he had grasped the idea well enough to commence his long-term investment journey. However, the other friend Tunde, who knows he’ll be too preoccupied to follow up with all the investment strategies and news […]

The Money Market As A Tool For The Risk-Averse Investor

the money market as a tool for the risk averse investor

Eunice gets a proposal to invest a sum of one million Naira in an investment scheme with the potential to earn some millions in return. However, upon review, Eunice realizes that even though the investment could yield her much more on the upside, it could also cause her to lose her entire savings. Eunice decides […]

What Is PE Ratio And What Is EPS? What Do These Ratios Indicate?

In order to follow and better understand prices of stocks, it is generally recommended to have a working knowledge of the main valuation ratios, even if you do not use them yourself. P/E is the price-to-earnings ratio and EPS is the earnings per share. Earnings per share: This measure is calculated by taking the net […]

What Is Fundamental Analysis And What Is Technical Analysis?

Selection of stocks or bonds involves a fair amount of understanding and research. When professionals undertake research work on stocks, shares or corporate bonds, they will use either fundamental or technical analysis. Fundamental analysis Fundamental analysis predicts the likely performance of an equity investment by assessing the underlying profitability and outlook of a corporate. This […]

What Is Risk Profiling? How Can You Understand Your Own Risk Profile?

Risk profiling is a process that helps you identify the optimal level of risk that is just right for you as an investor. Your own risk appetite can be best understood after taking into account, the amount of risk you are able to take,  your willingness to take risks and the risk you will need […]