Get answers to frequently asked questions about our funds and processes.

Yes you can do that by filling a direct debit form with us (if you have a Zenith Bank account) or you can set it up with your Bank or through any internet banking platform.

You get an e-certificate after payment has been confirmed.

We provide online access, send weekly yields to our clients, and publish our yields in the dailies as well as on our website.

No. A fund can exist in perpetuity.

Yes, units are transferable at the signed instruction of the Unit holder.

No. The Fund Manager is equipped to make all the investment decisions, adhering strictly to the guidelines set out in the Fund’s Trust Deed.

Subscribers may redeem all or part of the Units held at any time after allotment. Redemptions will be paid within 5 working days after receipt of the completed redemption form which you can submit online (if you have executed an indemnity) or physically through any Zenith Bank branch.

There are no penalties for redemption, however, where a client redeems before the first thirty ( 30) days, a penal fee of 10% on INTEREST ONLY is applicable.

Presently the fund is not listed however, the Fund Manager at a later date, may seek a Memorandum Listing the Fund on The NSE.

Presently the fund is not listed however, the Fund Manager at aYes, the business is regulated by the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission. later date, may seek a Memorandum Listing the Fund on The NSE.

All our forms are available on our website www.zenith-funds.com, however, you can walk into any branch of Zenith Bank close to you for collection, submission or any enquiries.

No application has been made to the Council of The NSE for the listing of the Fund by Memorandum.

Unitholding in the fund may be used as collateral for obtaining credit facilities from various financial institutions.

None of the three Funds listed herein currently invests in foreign quoted securities. Please check our website for updates on the launch a Fund that invests in foreign securities.

Units may be redeemed whether whole or in part on any business day, provided that the statement of unit holding is lodged with the fund manager’s office. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will make redemption payments within five business days of the lodgement date. The minimum permissible holding after redemption is an ongoing balance of 5,000 units. A new statement of unit holding will be issued for the remaining number of units held in the case of a partial redemption.

Unit holders will be issued dividends which are not subject to withholdings tax. Unit holders may elect to receive their dividend warrants in cash or seek to re-invest in additional units of the fund. You can re-invest in the fund by filling the E-dividend mandate form.

Certificate will be issued for every purchase of units of the fund. A notification will be sent via email 24hrs after purchase once funds are cleared.

Investors may choose to make regular monthly or quarterly investments, or at such other frequency that aligns with their overall investment needs. Such applicants will be required to complete a direct debit form(SIP) or set up a direct debit with his bank reflecting the frequency and amount to be invested in the fund.

Your investment in any of the Funds is evidenced by a Statement of Unitholding and subsequently a certificate issued by the Registrars to each respective Fund

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