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Commemoration of UN Universal Children’s Day; Calls for Adoption and Enforcement of Child Rights Act

Abuja, Nigeria. November 20th, 2018 – NOIPolls joins the United Nations in celebrating the Universal Children’s Day which is observed annually on 20th November. The goal of Universal Children’s day is to improve child welfare worldwide, promote and celebrate children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness amongst all children. November 20th is an important date as it is the date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It is also the date in 1989 when the UN General assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.[1] The convention sets out a number of children’s rights

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Poll Reveals an Urgent Need for a Functional 3-digit Security Helpline Across the Nation

Abuja, Nigeria. November 13th, 2018. An excerpt from NOIPolls’ security poll conducted in May 2018 revealed that almost 7 in 10 (69 percent) Nigerians do not know any security helpline to call in an emergency, implying that most Nigerians are unable to report any emergency security issue when the need arises. During the course of this poll, majority of the respondents complained of their inability to recall the eleven digits security mobile numbers provided by the Nigerian Police and advocated on the spot that the Nigerian Police should have a three (3) digits number for all emergencies. This therefore reveals that

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Women and Leadership 2018

Wide gender and party gaps in views about the state of female leadership and the obstacles women face BY JULIANA MENASCE HOROWITZ, RUTH IGIELNIK AND KIM PARKER Two years

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