ESG Impact Fund

Fund Type: Open-Ended Fund

Scheme Type: ESG Impact

Age: Since September 2008


Horizon: Medium-Long Term


Bid Price: ₦15.18 November 15, 2022

Offer Price: ₦15.31 November 15, 2022

Total return YTD: 3.77% November 15, 2022

Zenith ESG Impact Fund Performance

Valuation DateBid PriceOffer Price

Fund Manager

Quantum Zenith Asset Management & Investments Limited

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks total return through investment in select group of Equities and Fixed grade income securities that meet the investor’s social responsibility constraints


A discretionary managed portfolio using select Nigerian equities and treasuries to achieve high total investment return over the long term.

Minimum Investment

₦10,000 Minimum Lump sum
₦1,000 Minimum additional Purchase

Management Fees



Asset Allocation

Money Market Securities: 5%-20% 

Equities: 40%-60%

Bonds: 40%-60% 

Cash and cash equivalents: 0%-5%


Trustees: GTL Trustees Limited
Custodian: Citibank Nigeria Limited
Registrars: Meristem Registrars Limited

Annual Reports

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