Mutual Fund Investment Ideas For Beginners

mutual fund investment ideas for beginners

You must have heard of the term mutual funds and thought of it as some complex financial concept. With all of the uncertainty about them flying around, they may sound like a lot to deal with but here, we will demystify mutual friends and get you up to speed with all you need to know. […]

How to Earn Passive Income

how to earn passive income

Most people think of the idea of ‘making money in your sleep’ when they see passive income. Amazing concept, right? In theory, passive income is money that is earned from an enterprise that has little or no ongoing effort involved. You simply put a few things in a place then let it blossom into a […]

Mutual Funds: What is Mutual Funds

mutual funds guide for beginners

If you have a sum of money you want to invest but you don’t know zilch about where to start, well, you might want to join the train of mutual funds.  Whether small or large capital, there are professional financial management companies that exist just for this kind of situation; to help you put your […]

Asset Management: A Complete Guide to Asset Management

beginners guide to asset management

Do you often wonder what we mean when we talk about asset management? Are you looking for a one-stop article that defines what asset management is all about and how to get started? Then welcome to our comprehensive guide on what is asset management. In this guide, we will be exploring: What is asset management? […]

How to Build An Emergency Fund

how to build an emergency fund

Before now, the idea of the world on a compulsory hiatus in their homes with many businesses forced to shut down for what seems like an indefinite period, will have passed as something from a post-apocalypse novel. However, as a result of the pandemic that is COVID-19, it is the reality we live in today. […]

What Are Taxes? How Much Tax Do You Have To Pay?

Tax is defined as a compulsory contribution to state revenue, levied by the government on your income and business profits, or added to the cost of some goods, services and transactions. The important part of this definition is compulsory contribution to state revenue. You have no option but to pay your taxes. 5 main heads […]

What Is Inflation And How Does It Affect You?

    Do your parents always talk about how much cheaper everything was in their day?  Remember the time when 1 litre of milk used to cost just Rs 9. And today it is close to Rs 60! The rise in the prices of goods and services and, subsequently, the fall in the purchasing power […]

Should You Save Or Should You Invest? What Is Better For You?

First list down all the goals you would want to achieve and the things that you would like to have in the near, not so near and the distant future. For example, you may want to buy a new car, go on a foreign holiday, buy your dream house or even create a wealth reserve […]