Your Investment Goals And Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

investment goal

If you had only 500,000 Naira and you had to rank the following needs in the order of importance, how will you rank it? A Trip To Ghana Your Child’s School Fees Food And Water Without batting your eye, you already know that the correct order is 3, 2, and then 1. This is because […]

Every Startup Should Know These Funding Strategies

funding strategies for startups

Startup funding is the lifeblood of any upwardly mobile company looking to scale in the near future. It’s important to not let your startup dream waver. If you adopt the right funding strategies, you will be able to secure the necessary funding to make your dream into a profitable reality in the long run! The […]

Plan for Retirement: You are not getting any younger

What kind of retirement are you looking forward to? How much money do you require in retirement? When is the right time to start planning for your retirement? These questions and a host of others are the subject of our next webinar, Plan for Retirement: You are not getting any younger. It will feature a panel discussion and […]

How to Grow Your Net Worth

Humanity is coming out hopefully from its worst crisis in over a century. We all have had to endure while the coronavirus was on a world tour upending lives and destroying livelihoods. Some of us used this time to reflect on our lives, on what we have done and what we could do better if […]

What Are The Different Ways To Invest In Mutual Fund Products?

There are two broad ways you can invest in mutual funds – directly or through an independent financial advisor/mutual fund distributor/ broker. You can also choose the medium to invest – online or offline (and both of these can be done through the distributor’s office or directly with the mutual fund company). In all cases, […]

What Is A Mutual Fund Product’s Nav? How Is It Calculated?

NAV or Net Asset Value is a term that you will see on various mutual fund promotional materials. So what exactly is it? Simply put, NAV is the price of each mutual fund unit at which an investor can buy and sell units of the fund. NAV of a fund changes every day as a […]

How Can You Become A Better Investor?

  Investing can appear to be a complex process and each individual should ideally approach investing in his or her own way. However, there are a few basic principles one should consider while making investment decisions that can act as guiding beacons. These principles are listed below: Do your research and start intelligently: As they […]