Building A Unique Investment Plan

investment plan

To get ahead with anything you intend to start, you must have a kind of plan and of course, this works just the same with investments. An investment plan is a doorstep before you think of making any entry into the investment world. For instance, when an entrepreneur starts a business, he develops a business […]

Mutual Fund Investment Ideas For Beginners

mutual fund investment ideas for beginners

You must have heard of the term mutual funds and thought of it as some complex financial concept. With all of the uncertainty about them flying around, they may sound like a lot to deal with but here, we will demystify mutual friends and get you up to speed with all you need to know. […]

Your Investment Goals And Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs

investment goal

If you had only 500,000 Naira and you had to rank the following needs in the order of importance, how will you rank it? A Trip To Ghana Your Child’s School Fees Food And Water Without batting your eye, you already know that the correct order is 3, 2, and then 1. This is because […]

Advantages Of Investing In An Equity Fund

advantages of investing in equity fund

Two friends who are medical students, want to invest in stocks. One friend, Ade, having read a few finance articles believes he had grasped the idea well enough to commence his long-term investment journey. However, the other friend Tunde, who knows he’ll be too preoccupied to follow up with all the investment strategies and news […]

Every Startup Should Know These Funding Strategies

funding strategies for startups

Startup funding is the lifeblood of any upwardly mobile company looking to scale in the near future. It’s important to not let your startup dream waver. If you adopt the right funding strategies, you will be able to secure the necessary funding to make your dream into a profitable reality in the long run! The […]

How to Earn Passive Income

how to earn passive income

Most people think of the idea of ‘making money in your sleep’ when they see passive income. Amazing concept, right? In theory, passive income is money that is earned from an enterprise that has little or no ongoing effort involved. You simply put a few things in a place then let it blossom into a […]

The Money Market As A Tool For The Risk-Averse Investor

the money market as a tool for the risk averse investor

Eunice gets a proposal to invest a sum of one million Naira in an investment scheme with the potential to earn some millions in return. However, upon review, Eunice realizes that even though the investment could yield her much more on the upside, it could also cause her to lose her entire savings. Eunice decides […]

Plan for Retirement: You are not getting any younger

What kind of retirement are you looking forward to? How much money do you require in retirement? When is the right time to start planning for your retirement? These questions and a host of others are the subject of our next webinar, Plan for Retirement: You are not getting any younger. It will feature a panel discussion and […]

How to Grow Your Net Worth

Humanity is coming out hopefully from its worst crisis in over a century. We all have had to endure while the coronavirus was on a world tour upending lives and destroying livelihoods. Some of us used this time to reflect on our lives, on what we have done and what we could do better if […]

Mutual Funds: What is Mutual Funds

mutual funds guide for beginners

If you have a sum of money you want to invest but you don’t know zilch about where to start, well, you might want to join the train of mutual funds.  Whether small or large capital, there are professional financial management companies that exist just for this kind of situation; to help you put your […]